Let us show you how to live your dream life with our new program, Creative MindDesign.

Odds are, if you’re a creative person, you’re brain is spinning a mile a minute most of the time.  New ideas, new opinions, anxieties, and confidence like a yo-yo.  This program will help you find your peace, your calling and your tribe.

Imagine knowing each day that you’re fulfilling your purpose.  What would your world look like if you knew how to be happy, how to get rid of limiting beliefs, how to keep your past from holding you back?  What does your ideal creative life look like?

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So, why Creative MindDesign?

Everyone has his/her own definition of success or happiness in the same way that everyone has unique dreams for their life.  But, all success and fulfilled dreams depend on achieving meaningful goals.  The bad news is that most people fail to achieve their goals.  Some don’t even have any!  You do though.  You know you want to write, paint, draw, sing etc.  So, let us show you the path.

The good news is that goal attainment is a process, like building a house or baking a cake.  There are a set of plans or a recipe that needs to be followed, and this program gives you all the tools you need and will keep you accountable.

If you embraced your passions, you would feel inspired with life, know what makes you feel alive and feel excited to get up in the morning.  Are you trying to find out how to be happy in your creative career?  Maybe you procrastinate, are unsure of where to go next or feel unsupported.  There are a multitude of problems that go along with living your life on purpose as a creative person.  Does this resonate with you?

This is for you if:

~ You are ready to reach your full potential as a Creative and develop the mindset that successful artists have attained?

~ You want to learn how to be happy, to avoid anxiety and depression and to know you are enough

~ You want to stop setting goals and then making excuses for not reaching them

~ You want to have faith in yourself and know, without a doubt, that you are on the path to your dreams

~ You want to feel confident that you have the tools to achieve anything you want, now or in the future

~ You want a concrete plan that you are confident you will follow through on

This is not for you if:

~ You want to learn how to draw, write, sing, paint etc.

~ You have a closed mind

What Creative MindDesign will do for you in One Month

~ clarify and outline the process of each stepping stone to success, happiness and purpose

~ provide detailed and fun activities to help you uncover and organize your key characteristics and desires

~ help you brainstorm to clarify your greater purpose

~ create a concrete action plan for living in alignment with your purpose and reaching your dreams

~ Take your power back and stop letting others direct your life

~ Join the private Facebook Group to build relationships with others like you

There is so much more…

The All-Access full program is $680  now available for $297 (USD)

The All-Access program, including personalized coaching for one month is available for $1699 $1299 (USD)

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