About Our Company

Jennifer Sharp

With a background in International Development/Anthropology, Mindfulness training and Life Coach certifications, included Purpose Coaching and Goal/Success Coaching, Jennifer is ready to be your accountability partner through video, email, group online gatherings and a multitude of activities.

Jennifer Sharp has successfully published both ebooks and paperbacks through various well-know epublishers.  She continues to write, however, she has realized through extensive learning that her purpose is to teach was she has learned over the past several years about how to live your best life, achieve success and reach goals.

MindDesign is our parent company.

Happiness and a sense of purpose are so important these days and both are within your reach. Wellness takes all forms but it demands a certain set of skills to live the life of an author without succumbing to despair or giving up.  Sometimes it takes those skills to just get started.” JS


MindDesign Academy Manifesto

We are awakening…We live in a time where knowledge is available to everyone.  We invest in ourselves to ensure we’re living the life of our dreams!  We value imagination, creativity and the opportunity to write our own life’s script.

We are grateful. We are mindful.  We are Creators.

We use our gifts and feel confident in sharing them with the world.  We take action to ensure the world has more storytellers!


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